Head of Product Development, Singapore

About the Company

At Next Gen Foods, we believe a new era is coming. An era where we are actively thinking about what we eat, and how that impacts our health, planet, and each other. We believe saving the planet can be easy and enjoyable, and small moments can create a big impact. By changing what we eat, we can change the future of the planet – one bite at a time.

With this ethos at heart, we set ourselves a bold mission: To make leaving a better world for our kids a pleasure, not a pain; by using plants to create delicious and satisfying foods that will make you forget why animals were ever needed for food.

Since starting Next Gen Foods in 2020, we have experienced rapid growth. We attribute this to the expertise of our team, our unparalleled R&D know how, and our unwavering commitment to the mission. As we continue our success and expand our global footprint, we seek to grow our team with best in class talent.

Position : Head of Product Development

Job Description

  • Build a team of food technologists and research associates
  • Create new delicious and nutritious plant-based meat products for chefs and consumers
  • Use rigorous sensory and instrumental assays to guide progress
  • Outside-the-box exploration: playful exploration and de novo prototyping
  • Hands-on approach
  • Turn development into innovations
  • Research and develop new food technologies
  • Understand ingredients and processes to create new product attributes
  • Mentor and managerial guidance to scientists and research associates

The Successful Applicant

  • A passion for healthy, sustainable products which are better for our consumers and the planet
  • At least Bachelor in Food technology
  • Many years of experience innovating and developing new technologies
  • Experience in managing a team
  • A proven record of initiative, innovation and research productivity
  • Creative and collaborative problem solver
  • Experience in flavor chemistry and/or new textured material
  • Experience with designing and conducting sensory testing

What We Offer

  • A unique opportunity to join a dynamic start up environment led by a visionary management team
  • Fast paced learning curve for willing learners
  • Fun and energetic team
  • Excellent career progression development opportunities in a company expected to scale rapidly
  • Opportunities to influence and initiate strategic changes to the business


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